What Is A Goal Setting Plan? Here Are 6 Great Examples

I know I should set goals, but no one has ever told me why so what is a goal setting plan?

If you want to achieve anything in life and be truly successful, you have to set goals and you have to plan out how you are going to achieve them.

Goals are like compasses; they determine your direction in life. If you don’t have any idea of where you’re going, chances are you will end up anywhere, and you might well find that where you end up is really not a place you want to be.

Once you set a goal and create a plan, you have a clear idea of your destination and what direction you need to go in order to arrive there.

Most people have some idea of what they want. We dream. We speculate. We wish. But dreaming and speculating and wishing isn’t enough. We have to be more specific. Therefore, the first goal to set and achieve is this:

What is a goal setting plan?

You must write down your dreams, your speculations, and your wishes and make a plan to achieve them. Do you see how magical this is? By simply writing down that which you want, you are already on your way to achieving it.

So, if you have never created a goal-setting plan before or have never given it any consideration, here are six reasons why you might want to do so.

what is a goal setting plan

1. Planning a personal goal enables you to make a commitment to yourself.

Your goals will require a good deal of effort. Once you’ve set a goal and created your plan, you’ve taken on the responsibility of seeing it through to the end.

Giving yourself a specific amount of time in which to achieve your goal also increases your responsibility, and your success or failure to achieve that goal lies solely in your hands.

The only way that your goal might be unachievable is if you are not committed to it or if the goal was unrealistic, to begin with. When you create your plan you are making a specific commitment to yourself.

2. Creating a goal-setting plan enables you to take action.

Your work begins as soon as you have set your goal and have allotted a specific amount of time for achieving it.

No amount of wishing or hopeful thinking will achieve your goal. You will only succeed by outlining the steps you need to take in your plan in order to reach your goal and then, by taking massive action, achieve it.

Outlining the steps to your goal is like planning a journey from where you are now to where you want to be. It is the vehicle that will take you to your destination. Failing to plan or take action will simply mean not getting that which you want.

3. Planning a personal goal will boost your motivation to achieve it.

Without goals or plans, we are like a ship without a sail”. A ship without a sail is tossed about by the wind, while a ship with a sail moves faster and thereby arrives at its destination more quickly.

Setting goals adds a “set of sails” to our lives. We feel motivated. It will give us a reason to rise and meet the sun in the morning and a reason to persevere.

If you’ve been wandering aimlessly through life, create a plan to set a goal that will improve your life and or the lives of others, and add value to your existence. Thus motivated, you will feel better about yourself and be inspired to achieve your goal.

4. Planning a personal goal will sharpen your focus.

We live in an age of distractions. There are so many things vying for our attention that it is little wonder that we flit from one interesting thing to another.

Having set your goals, it can become all too easy to lose focus, especially if things are not working out the way you imagined. However, you need to stay laser-focused on your goal or those distractions will sabotage any chance you have of achieving it.

Focusing single-mindedly on each step of your plan will actually sharpen your focus on achieving the end result.

5. Planning a personal goal will boost your confidence.

Once you have set your first goal and achieved the first step in your plan, you will receive a huge boost in confidence, and achieving your overall goal will fuel your passion and inspire you to create more plans and set more goals.

The more goals you achieve, the more confidence you will have in yourself, and you will be successful even amidst the greatest of difficulties.

6. Setting a personal goal will provide you with a road map.

That roadmap will provide you with directions to your destination. If you do not have any idea where you are going, it is highly likely that you will get lost and go around in circles. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve got there?

what is a goal setting plan

If you’ve never created a goal-setting plan before, start now by setting a small, fairly easy-to-achieve goal.

There is only one step in this mini-goal.

  1. Grab a pen and paper and write down all the things you want to achieve.

Does that seem too easy? Never mind. If you do it, you will have created a goal-setting plan and achieved a goal, and the more goals you achieve, the greater will become your self-confidence.

Add purpose to your life and set a goal today. Grab your favorite drink, grab yourself pen and paper and make a plan of all the important things you feel you have to get done, or you could download the ready-made templates below.

What is a goal setting plan?

You can download a copy of the Daily/Weekly Simple Goal Setting Plan here and see it for yourself.

what is a goal setting worksheet

You can also download the 1 month to 1-year Goal Setting Worksheet here.

what is a goal setting worksheet

You can also download the 5 years to 10-years Goal Setting Worksheet here.

what is a goal setting worksheet